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Hungarian chemicals company BorsodChem in Kazinbarcika (Hungary). No. 3. Retouched version from ID: 33010. Usage just for wall decoration.

Experience matters

Linde has engineered more than 4,000 plants worldwide, many of which are operated by Linde Gas. This long-standing know-how and synergised expertise give us unique insights into the plant operation and maintenance business. At LINDE PLANTSERV™, our mission is to put this experience to work for you through a range of services designed to give you complete peace of mind. 

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Reliability you can count on

Our responsibility here at LINDE PLANTSERV™ is to ensure continuous and stable operations during the entire lifecycle of your plant. We offer a host of operational and support services to minimise your downtime and increase reliability. 

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Cryogenic plant. Photoshooting inside a coldbox at Schalchen plant. Date: 17.07.2015
Photographer: Hans-Georg Unrau (Jürgen Jeibmann Photographik, Studio Leipzig)
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Taking efficiency and performance to the next level

Most industrial plants offer scope for cost efficiencies and performance enhancements – small changes can make a big difference. Here at LINDE PLANTSERV™, we have gained vast, hands-on insights over the years into the many ways we can fine-tune the performance of plants to save costs, extend service life, raise productivity and increase efficiency.

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More performance, reliability and efficiency?

Experienced partner you can trust

Are you looking for a partner who knows your plant inside out and from top to bottom? A partner who truly understands your needs and who has the knowledge, experience and passion to predict problems before they even occur? A partner who listens, is trustworthy and goes the extra mile – no matter what it takes – to ensure optimum asset performance? 

Then look no further. Welcome to LINDE PLANTSERV™ – performance you can trust.

Dedicated to maximising the performance of your assets

  • Experience you can depend on
    Over 4,000 plants built worldwide
  • Process know-how you can build on
    Detailed, inside-out insights of a plant engineer
  • Synergies you can rely on
    Over 1,000 plants operated by Linde Gas
  • A team you can lean on
    Dedicated team of LINDE PLANTSERV™ experts always at your service
  • Responsiveness you can count on
    Fast, responsive service from specialists who understand that time is critical
  • Quality you can trust in
    Technology company with 100+ years’ track record in quality excellence – worldwide
Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna Germany, Customer: Linde engineering, Start-up 1993
Photoshoot: March 2018, Picture taken by Aydin Büyüktas

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